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Find Savings


You can identify opportunities for saving energy in your school by looking at the pie chart below and considering the following key areas that influence consumption:

  • Your school building fabric (walls, floors, attic roof, windows and doors)
  • Main energy-using equipment (lighting, heating, hot water)
  • Factors that influence energy use, e.g. weather, number of students, number of classes
  • The key people who influence energy use in the school and how you will involve them in making savings (e.g. teachers, students, caretaker, cleaners)
  • Unexplained energy use, e.g. excessive energy at night or over weekends or over the summer

Browse the film clips and advice sheets below to find out how to address specific aspects of energy use in your school.

Example of energy use in a primary school - pie charts

Factsheets and clips on the top energy usage areas in schools

Energy Management Tips - Videos


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