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Welcome to the energy in education section for Designers, Contractors and Boards of Management.

Since 1997, the Planning and Building Unit within the Department of Education & Skills have been using a process called the DART approach to develop sustainability and energy efficiency in educational buildings. This acronym focuses on four key areas, namely; Design, Awareness, Research and Technology. The policy is informed by the Building Unit Professional and Technical staff, driven by its technical guidance documents and updated by continued energy research and development.

This section of the website provides significant information on energy efficiency in schools, renewable energy in schools, Display Energy Certificates (DEC), Building Energy Certification (BER) and details on the maximum import capacity saving opportunities in schools, along with direct access to the Departments Technical Guidance Documents. The latter sets the benchmark for sustainable design in school buildings with a clear focus on energy efficiency and they are based on solid energy research projects.

Benefits of energy management

Effective energy management can result in the following benefits for your schools

  • Cost savings
  • Increased knowledge of energy and envoirnmental issues among teaching staff and pupils
  • Longer lasting heating and lighting equipment
  • A Green Flag for energy
  • A Display Energy Certificate for the school (a requirement when applying for some grants for schools)

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